Before the use of Mars rovers and satelites it was impossible to tell. Scientists wanted to observe the polar caps, but they are not tilted toward Earth. This made observing by telescope difficult. However, we now have satellites circling Mars that can observe much more - plus the Mars rovers. .....(MORE)

Mar's South Pole is one setting
in Vallar 2. Coming soon!


The Hellas Basin on Mars.

Find out why it's special for being more than just big. Read the FACTS.....

Another setting for Vallar 2

Noctis Labyrinthus "The Labyrinth of the Night"

While writing my book Vallar, I studied several maps of Mars, which gave me ideas for scenes. The Noctis Labyrinthus caught my attention, for one because of the fancy mysterious name, which means The Labyrinth of the Night. It’s located between the Valles Marineris and the Tharsis region. The labyrinth is a maze-like system of deep, steep-walled valleys....MORE.
Location of a battle in Vallar 1
Salt Water on Mars?

Often scientists have speculated about the possibility of water on Mars. Usually it’s mentioned to be in the form of ice, underground or in the Mars of the past. However, last week there was a report of possible salt water on Mars running down slopes every spring in the warmer areas. This is based on sightings of streaks on slopes that darken and lighten. .....MORE.
One of the places that might have a scene in the Vallar sequel is Olympus Mons, so I went on a tour of the place recently. .....MORE.

How the Mars Curiosity Rover Landed: Must SEE Video.
More locations and Mars info coming soon....

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