Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meet Nathaniel Danes Author of The Last Hero

The Last Hero: I had to write it.

I never thought I'd write a book. Heck, for most of my life reading beyond page three of any school writing project felt like a Herculean task. However, the difference between now and then is that my writing doesn't feel forced. Maybe that's the difference between writing what you want as opposed to what you have to.

Thinking about it now, it almost feels as if The Last Hero grew itself organically rather than having been written. My over active imagination, love for military history, science fiction addiction, blindness, failed military career, daughter, and more were filtered through my fingers onto the page. It's a nexus where several pieces of my life came together. Believe me it sounds far easier than it was.

I've always used my imagination as an escape hatch from life. As far back as I can remember, I'd bolt from mundane situations in my mind, transporting myself to excitement and adventure. I'm sure most kids do this, but I've never stopped. I do this as a coping mechanism. I'm losing my sight to a genetic disorder. This is the reason for my failed military career, and I find it relaxing to drift off into worlds where I don't have that limitation.

These fantasies were always content to live inside my head until I read The Forever War. That classic sparked something inside me. Science fiction has always been my preferred genre for TV and movies, but as far as books go, I used to only read military history. After stumbling upon The Forever War everything changed. I couldn't read enough military science fiction and those stories in my head started to become restless.

I also can't understate the importance of my daughter's birth in helping to shape the story in my first novel. There are a select few things I truly love in his world, my wife for one, so the feeling isn't foreign to me. However, I wasn't prepared for the body blow of raw emotion, of pure unconditional love I felt the second I held my baby girl for the first time. From then on, I couldn't imagine a universe that she wasn't a part of where that incredible connection didn't exist. Her presence in my life enriched and brought depth to my fantasy worlds. She brought meaning and purpose to them.

Literally bursting at the seams, I had to get the stories out. So, I started to write and write, then I rewrote and rewrote. Before I knew it, a few years had pasted and I'd written four books. Finally, I decided to try and get one published. Fortunately, Solstice Publishing saw fit to give me a chance and agreed to release the The Last Hero.

If you read my book, I hope you enjoy and feel the passion that went into its creation. It will be the first of many because I don't have a choice. The stores have to come out.

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Thanks for being a guest on my blog to day, Nathaniel. It's always interesting to hear what inspires an author. 


Monday, October 27, 2014

New Guest Reviewer Program at Good Book Alert.

When I first started Good Book Alert, we had several active reviewers. I appreciate all the ones who have freely given reviews. But the honest truth of the matter is doing something for free over and over again gets to be eventually impossible for anyone. 

The initial idea was to help others gain reviews, and while many reviews were done, Good Book Alert has slowed down a lot. To get things moving again and help other writers, I have decided to start a guest reviewer program. I’m looking for three reviewers to do one review. In return the guest reviewer will receive one guest post on the site. In both posts, your book/bio information will be posted as well.

Here are the rules and guidelines:

1. Any book you review can’t be a book where you were involved in the publishing process, such as editing, critiquing, or even book cover design. Ideally, I’d prefer it was from someone you never met. GBA is about helping the little guy, so we only review Indie and Small Press books. (Also..we don't review erotica)

2. I will send you submissions until you find one you like well enough to give at least 3 stars. Please reject books you feel are only 1 or 2 stars. We don’t give less than 3 stars and are looking for quality books.

3. Write the review and your guest post. Send both to me in an email (use above email with the subject: Review Complete), along with the book cover image. Links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc are helpful.

4. Your guest post will go first. Of course, make it on a topic related to your book. It would be good to add a little suspense about whatever you reviewed and why, but keep it vague. Then the review posts on the next day. Usually posts will be during the week (not weekends.)

5. Please share on all social media possible: Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, etc. The more followers we get the better in our efforts to help books get some exposure.

6. You can be a guest reviewer once every two months.

7. Regular reviewers are still welcome and will have priority in being posted, but keep in mind…it’s free voluntary work.

8. I will post the reviews to our GBA Amazon account. We don’t have any other accounts (Goodreads, etc.), so feel free to post your review there and other places.

How does this sound? Are you interested? Any suggestions before I launch this on the world?

Interested people, please email me at: goodbookalert@gmail with the subject “Guest Reviewer”

If I get enough guest reviewers, submissions will open on GBA again. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Excerpt from Rebel Shifter (My Work in Progress)

Here is a excerpt from my work in progress called "Rebel Shifter"

It takes place about 1780, during the American Revolution. Rayen and Tala are in the woods, in the dead of winter, about to go into a cave (their home)

Tala is in wolf form.
Rayen (the main female character)  is in human form. 


“Are you insane?” Tala whispered, using a modified wolf mouth that allowed her to speak. “Letting yourself fall in love with a human? Even worse, he’s whiter than the snow.”
“Whoever said I was in love with him?” Rayen asked, unloading the meat from the cart.  
“I know you well enough. Just admit it.”
“I’m a little attracted to him, but I don’t really know him well enough to be in love.”
Tala pawed nervously at the ground. “If you keep visiting them, they’ll get curious about you, and want to know where you come from. They’re not going to take kindly to a clan of shifters living in the woods.”
Rayen sighed. “You’re right, but he’s so cute and when we hugged...”
“He doesn’t know you’re a shifter. Besides, you’re the only woman he’s seen in several months, of course he’s going to flirt. You were meant for Wayna,” she said the last part a bit too loud.

“Shh, first of all Chad might be leaving for Virginia. Besides, I can’t be with Wayna unless he can shift into human form. He knows this,” Rayen whispered, not wanting to talk about it anymore. The mention of other places always reminded her she’d spent about a hundred years in the forest and knew nothing of the world.


Now if I can just finish it. Perhaps I will share more soon!